7 ways to reduce the electricity bill

Power and Energy Week in Bangladesh started in Bangladesh The information released on the occasion of Electricity Week has been told that the current generation of 20 thousand MW electricity is being produced.

But how is it possible to reduce the bill without using electricity? Some of his advised power engineers. News BBC Bangla.

1. Switch off the switch:

If you do not use fan, lamp, TV, computer, you can always switch off their switch.

Sometimes the bathroom or balcony of the balcony burns. If that does not happen, then the electricity bill falls a little bit.

If you do not use machines or dresses, you should keep the plug open. If you do not use computer or TV, keep slips on or off.

2. Uses power saving equipment:

When using energy bulbs or LED lights, the use of electricity decreases. The conventional one lamp uses one hundred watts, using only an energy lamp, only 25 watts.

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Also now available inverted fridge, AC, washing machine. Using these appliances can reduce the electricity bill by two-thirds.

3. Controlled use of AC:

The use of AC in the house is now a lot more regular. But if the AC is used in regulation, it is possible to reduce its bill.

The temperature of the AC will always be 25 degrees Celsius. Fan can be stopped by closing the AC after a certain degree of cooling.

4. Its use of quality:

Electricity bills often depend on electricity connections and wire. If there is bad quality then, if the connection is weak or shaky, it creates low voltage, so the bill increases.

5. Use of alternative equipment:

You can use the oven by not using micro-oven for cooking or heating the house. Slow cooker or toaster can be used.

Meat and ice can be withdrawn in water without defrosting micro-oven. The electricity bill will be reduced if the washing machine is not used in hot water settings.

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6. Stay in the limited light of electricity:

According to the electricity usage, there are different types of bills in each step. According to DPDC or DESCO’s tariff, if someone is limited to electricity in 75 units, then the bill will be 4 per unit. But the bills ranging from 76 to 200 units will be 4.45 paise.

The third step is from 201 to 300 units. In that case the bill will come 5.70 rupees.

The bills from 301 units to 400 units will be available at Tk 6.02 per unit. 401 to 600 units bill rate of 9 Taka 30 paisa More than that, the bill will be 10 paise to 70 paise per unit.

That means if the use of electricity is limited to low steps, the bill will be less.

7. Natural energy use:

Now, electricity distribution companies have made compulsory use of solar power in multi-storey buildings.

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They can also use solar power, where there is a shortage of electricity or more load shedding.

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