Bangla golpo koster – otopor sudhui kosto

Read bangla golpo koster – otopor sudhui kosto.

Alvi was cut off without listening to Neer In the mind of Neha
It’s just what Neha E knows. He can not do that
To share the feelings with someone. Because then
He did not want to talk to Alvi about this. Bangla sms.
He was just suspecting his parents, and with Alvi
While talking, they were sitting next to him. And
They said “Who has called, receives” so that’s all
To talk about Neha K. Because he did not want his police father
Do not harm Alvi. click here to read in bangla language.

bangla golpo kosterNehari’s name is Nandhi, who calls her parents. More
The name Neha was only for E. Alvi. So dear father
Mom understood that the boy called the wrong number, maybe So
They went away and said nothing. At that time the door was sealed
I did not feel bad. Because he hurt Alvi. Bangla golpo koster.
So repeatedly giving phone and message to Alvi number.
On the other hand, after the incident, the phone stopped, SIM Khan
Alvy breaks down No, she never bothers again
China Neha K. Keeping his family in Chittagong
One came in Dhaka and Alvi was doing a job.

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Bangla golpo koster:

But she does not want to stay in Dhaka, because it’s from here
She can not see Neha with anyone else. So today
The night of the train left the city and stayed in Chittagong
He will go And I never want to bother Neha K.
Be like him So think of that job. Bangla golpo koster
Leave Dhaka, leaving all the ties back. Tears in the eyes
He left the city of Kadate and left for Chittagong. And this is the end
It’s been two love, very loved two guys But then
Today all is finished.

When will they meet again? When will it be together again
How can they say, the problem of that day? Bangla golpo koster
Talk about How does he understand that Alvi is his mind, that no one else?
Not only anyone but he still lives well. That’s the reason for that
Has done

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