Bangla golpo new

Here in bangla golpo new and romantic. The name is megher chaya.

A lake full of natural beauty,
White colors aside from the side
A small steel bridge, something beside it
The atmosphere is like a rosemary, white swelling
Filled with beauty, head
On the other hand, there are several blacks,
Everyday Trees Daily
Many birds as guestsbangla golpo new
Meet up Afternoon bangla sms
It is the world’s unimaginable place in time
Creates an environment.bangla golpo new
Some people guilt in the nature lover’s hands
Occasionally, some sweet things are here
To enjoy. All in the city of mechanical
Busy with his work, whose cars are busy
There are times in hand
Own yourself alone in an environment
Spend a little time together.

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Bangla golpo new:

Kosambalan lake lake
Beside everyday
A girl was sitting alone.
Relentless time alone
With the sunset as well as cutting
Could have lost somewhere. Someday
Her familiar to him
Not seen with anyone,bangla golpo new
But there should be no one else in the place
Or do not let the miner come
The girl with the atheist birds
Every day ‘was seen. Cloud shadow
She sat down every day
No one ever wanted to know
Did not show it, or anyone can say it
Someday something about him
Did not realize. The cloud came new in this area, no
One day it is with someone who is known
Came to visit the place.
He loved the place a lot
It was so, sometimes time
Pelé tries to come here.

Most of the time it is come alone.
The first few days she is the girl
Not so much attention, but for a while
Then he guessed that the day he was
Here comes the girl here.
Sitting in the same place,
There is no talk with anyone, absolutely
Silence passes alone time alone. Cloud
Somewhat curiously decided bangla golpo new
They are all together in the weekend
Let’s come here
The girl someday
Does not have it here. But then
Every day the girl is the same
He sees it in place, and regularly
Alone in an unmarried condition alone.
Seeing such a situation, he decided to do one day
Talk to the girl. Falling
Afternoon, bangla golpo new
The girl is sitting in the white cloud …

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