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The best bangla golpo nice otopor valobasha is here. The Biplic went up to drink water. It seems like how many years of thirst. On the other hand, Disha’s heart became worse. Bangla love sms. Two years after seeing them, the revolutionaries could not say the same thing to their mind. This day, just three years ago, on this day, Diwas was the first face of the revolution. Bangla golpo nice Bipulu started to love Diva shortly after friendship Disha also understands this but does not pretend to understand. This attitude of girls, “Do not touch your lips” On the other side, on the other side, the Bipulu tries to convey the message that she loves Deshka. Understanding the direction did not always make sense. Because, always want to propagate the revolutionary direction.
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Bangla golpo nice:

All the girls have such dreams that their loved ones will propagate before them, they will say the words of their mind, but Bipulu can not do it, because of fear of losing friendship. Bangla golpo nice No one else can In the meantime, two people’s friendships arise for another son. Then they meet again after two years, but Diwali is still a bit sad because of not speaking to Bisha,It’s been 30 minutes, but the Biplug is still not coming. Direction phoned but the battery is not catching the phone. Maybe the revolution has gone, maybe the revolutionaries still have the courage to say so. Suddenly, someone shouted from behind the “direction”. Looked back behind the direction. Hey so Bipulu! He is sitting a little away, a red rose in his hand. The red rose rose and shouted with a loud shout.


Like the lakes of the lake, the cry of the revolution was raised. The eyes of the lakes on the banks of the lake are now just in the direction of the revolutionary and the direction. This scene is rare today, so some people are busy taking photos. On the other hand, looking at the stealthily eyes of the revolution, It took three years to say that the love of the biological love, that the revolutionary mind began to cry out to the point where it is said that the revolution is now spreading to the whole world.

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