Bangla golpo

Today here all about Bangla golpo. In bengali we call it but in english we call bangla story. We will know here all about bangla golpo with details. We will get here the defination of bangla golpo. We learn here the classification of bangla golpo. On this article you can learn the all types bangla golpo. At the end you will get the full conception about this. So Lets see.

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What is Bangla golpo:

This is the story which is made by about any life, any history or any imagination. There are some story we found about the wise. Many writer write bangla golpo from their imagination. Almost all reader like about love story and funny story. Some of writer write their own life story in the book. And than if the story is very attractive than people s buy it from shop. In the Bangladesh most of the people’s are like to read bangla premer golpovalobashar golpokoster golpo etc. Now we are going to learn about the classifications of bangla golpo. From this you will learn more about this topics.Bangla golpo

Classifications of Bangla golpo:

There so many types of bangla golpo you will find. Here i am discussing about only the some popular types story.

Jiboner bangla golpo:

In this type of bangla story, you can learn about any persons real experience. In the world there are so many people’s are successful after the hard straggle in life. Defend on these persons life many story are written in different languages. This called the story of life or life story and in bangla jiboner golpo.

Oytihasik golpo:

In this section discussed about some historical story. Like as king of any country. Cultural attitudes are briefly discussed in the historical story. In Bangladesh has many historical story. When Bangladesh was not Independent. There was a king operated the Bangladesh and now that history read in out main book.

Premer golpo:

All of we know about love, All Bangladeshi love to read premer golpo. This types of story is very popular in Bangladesh. Specially The Bangladeshi famous writer “Humayon Ahmed” written many love story and all story are very nice and romantic. For this reason in basics of this story there are some Drama made.

Popular writers of bangla golpo:

Though we are talking about bangla golpo so here i have discussed about some Bangladeshi writer of story. All of these writers are written huge amount bangla story about Valobasha, Prem, KostoItihas and many more.

Humayon Ahmed:

He is the best and still top 1 writer of bangla story and poem. He is most famous in the world. The huge amount of peoples are most like him. He written also many romantic drama. For the love story he is perfect and best.

Kaji Najrul Islam:

Kaji najrul islam is born on kolkata , Indian. But he speak in bangla and he written also huge amount bangla story and poem. He is known as the “Rebel poet” in the Bangladesh and kolkata. Still his poems and stories are very popular to all romantic peoples in the world.

Robindronath Thakur:

He is the very talented poet and story writer. In Bangladesh the national song is written by him. And all peoples very respect him for lover of Bangladesh. He was very country lovers. He also written so many bangla story.

Some popular bangla golpo book:

Here i am talking about some popular bangla story books which are very popular in the country. Which you can read from online or you can buy from shop.


Devdas is written by Bangali Poet “Sarat Chandrow chattopadday“. This story translated to Hindi and English. This is about love and romance. He written this story book when he was only seventeen years old.

Sesher kobita:

This novel story book is written by Bangladeshi famous poet Rabindronath Tagore. In this bangla story you will learn about bengali literature.

At the end of this topics, i want to say something to you. In this article you will get the only knowledge about bangla story not any more. So if you have any complains please contact us for future instructions. Than we will try to give more entertain with our best experience.

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