Bangla love tips and quotes

Here i have posted about 100 bangla love tips and quotes for all romantic people. All love tips are collected from different sources. Here i have written all sms in bangla font with image, beside the english translations with english font. With these all bangla love tips and quotes you can make a new world of knowledge of love. For your easy, i have posted all about sms are related love. So you can share these bangla love tips and quotes with anyone you wish. But these sms are specially for girlfriend and boyfriend, that means a lover couple.

Bangla love tips and quotes:

1. Girls are the most important for the boys in the world – Humayun Ahmed.

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2. Nobody can be an artist by winning a love affair, big marriages can marry- Washington Alston.

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3. Love is a long process for someone, and little for some. But the trouble is equal in both – Humayun Ahmed.

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4. Falling with love of the same person many times in love with love-Bratten.

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5. The secret that love is as deep as it is – Humayun Ahmed.

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6. Second, third, fourth, there is nothing called the fifth love. When people fall in love, each love is the first love – Humayun Azad

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7. For those who fall for love, brightness is like the stars in the sky – the Johnson

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8. Love is like cigarette, which starts with fire, and ends with ashes-George Bernard Shaw.

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9. Smoke, money and love can not be kept under control – Shankar

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10. More fun to love than getting love – George Chapman.

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11. Love is the ultimate expression of self-determination – Hall. Rook. Jackson.

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12. Love devours women’s shame, enhances man-ja Paul Bushar.

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13. The love that can not be found, the person who does not love anyone, there is no one like him in the world – Kits.

14. Love is a kind of illusion where men see a woman different from other women and women see a man different from another man – Louis MacNey.

15. Love is an ideal affair and marriage is real. Ideal and reality contradiction will not be so confused – The Goethe

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