Bangla sad love story

Are you finding Bangla Sad Love story ? Here you will get it. Bangla sad love story make us more emotional and sorrow. There are so many bangla love story you can find. Most of love story you see very romantic. But you may find some bangla love story make us emotional and at times make us cry. So here i am writing a bangla sad love story. If you read this story you will love it and it about very sad history. When a boy love a girl, than girl refuse the boy but when the girl want to meet with the boy then the boy died. This story summary like this. bangla sad love story

Bangla Sad Love Story ( Park a eka eka):

Raonak is sitting alone in the park. It is not long enough to sit alone in the park and sit alone. He came here very soon, he is here. Sweet smile on the face of the girlfriend, eating nuts lying on the lap. If you see a beautiful girl, the words ‘dak mama maiata ki sundar’ out of the mouth of a gentle voice from the friends.

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Rounok Laughing. Yes royankake’s remember the words laughing in the throat corner. For a long time, no one had seen such a smile from Rounok’s mouth. Look at how or when he is laughing and who knows who has forgotten the joke. For some time he came from Rehab. After coming back from Rehab, sitting in the house. He did not leave the house as soon as he did in Bijoy. This is what came out in the park today, leaving the first house out of Rehab. The mobile was blocked so far. Today he brought the mobile with the park.

There is a strong desire to switch on the mobile. I want to give a call to siti. No !! She did not go on mobile and she could not breathe. Yes, this girl was lying on her chest, she used to eat nuts, hair aroma. To think of this, Roona’s face became dirty. There was a lot of beautiful looks, and everyone became addicted to ronaka’s addiction and all of them got drunk. Even the eternal face of Satyena Raunak’s face. So now it seems that Siti can not recognize him. Otherwise, that love can be forgotten !!

No !! A cigarette was not eaten after coming from Rehab. Rohan thought and never eat cigarettes. But in the memory of Siti, how much the cigarette feels like the Cadetivite now For this class, Chawk is in the hands of roonak cigarette. Roonak offered love, said Siti not directly. That’s the sadness of the first tigress in the cigarette. Still burning cigarettes in the hands of Ronak to give pleasure.

Saty did not like to eat this cigarette. But behind the Cigarettes addicted to such addiction. Some time before going to Rihab, he saw that Rohenak siti. It seems to me that today’s brother’s words are being heard in two crores. His brothers used to talk about two things. “A person who eats a cigarette can eat all things, and whoever speaks a lie, he can commit sins.” Who’s brother is a big brother near Rowak’s friend In that sense, there was good news with Rooney.

Looking back at the cigarette from the hands, some of the little children of Tokai boys used to eat and drink from the ground and eat again. Seeing this scene, Ronaq’s mind remembered one of the times. He was very naughty, a little boy bursts his head with his head and does not come home. Rooney’s grandfather went on the streets to find out for him and roam around the streets. He is running after seeing grandfather His grandfather is running along. On the way a middle-aged man was going to eat cigarettes. If half a cigarette is eaten, then he cigarettes, then he coughs to pull the cigarette while running raccoon. Then how old is Roonak? Four to five.

Haha ha !! Roonak laughed a little loudly. Looking around the park, looking at someone looking at it again. Once again, the world of thinking. Regular use of smoking cigarettes at the end of the school. On December 16th, at TSC, Gaza with friends. Then he said that this is the end of the first. But his friends said that he did not get drunk in the TSC or Rohan Gaza. So he did not enjoy the real fun of Gaza. For this reason, Ronak once again wanted to test Gaza. Since then, regular Gaza began to be eaten. Then Roonaq’s time was of modern modern type. So, when no action was done, RauNaq and his friends celebrated by the action bottles, so that the process was not able to understand the rationale.

In this way, after taking the syringe, the drug started taking drugs. Since then, there was a lot of trouble in the house. At one point, Rauq stopped chattering from the house, because no profit is boggling, which is so !! Right from the house he will be given in Rehab. However, it was too late. Siti has already released Roonak. Of course, Raonk had too much desire to get back from Rihhab and start everything again.

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