Bangla sms and quotes for life insurance

We are living in earth, everybody should know to live happy. When our mind stay cool and clam, than we feel happy. To keep our mind cool we should do some important work everyday and every time. Life insurance is the most powerful trick to get relax mind. We should do a life insurance for our better future. For our children better future we also should do a life insurance for them. Here I have written some sms quotes about life and insurance.

bangla quotes and sms for life insurance

Bangla sms and quotes for life insurance:

1. Vobissoter chinta kora buddhimaner kaj, tai valo vobissoter jonno ekta life insurance kora uchit.

2. Jiboner cheye beshi mullo ar kichu nei, ei jiboner backup hisebe ekta life insurance kora dorkar.

3. Amra sobai amader sindor vobissot chai, kintu amra er sothik niyom jani na, ekti life insurance afnar sundor vobissoter nischoyota dey.

4. Apni jodi apnar poribarke valobashen, tobe apnar onuposthitite tader jonno sob cheye upokari hobe apnar kore jaowa ekti life insurance.

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5. Jiboner nischoyota keu dite parbe na, apnar jiboner sathe jodi apnar poribarer jibon theme thake tahole apni porajito, tai apnar kora insurance theke apnar poribar upokrito hote pare.

6. Jodi more jaowar poreo apni beche thakte chan, tobe ekti life insurance kore felun.

7. Apnar kono sompod na thakleo apnar kora insurence hote pare moha sompod.

8. Life er kono guarrante hoy na, kintu life er insurance hoy life er ekti vorosha.

9. Jibone jodi kono valo kaj korte chan, tobe ekti valo company te life insurance kore rakhen.

10. Ekti life insurance apnar poribarer dikkher diner bondhu hote pare.

All of this sms quotes and tips for all people of us of bangladesh and in the world of bengali language, who are talk in bengali. this sms you can share with your love someone. It can help tham to do a life insurance for better life. All of bangladeshi life insurance company can use this my quotes for their company promotion and advertising. I this all are very effective for people.

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