Bangladeshi Cuisine Paragraph

Write a short paragraph about ‘Bangladeshi Cuisine’ answering the following questions.
a. What is meant by cuisine?
b. What is Bangladeshi cuisine?
c. What is the staple food of our people?
d.What are the most common sweets?
e. How do you evaluate Bangladeshi cuisine?
f. How is Bangladeshi cuisine?
g. What is the main source of protein of our food?
h. What is the most popular dish on Pohela Boishakh?

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Bangladeshi Cuisine Paragraph :

Cuisine is an important part of the culture of a society or a nation, Bangladeshi cuisine is very rich all over the world because of uses of many spices. We have delicious food, snacks and sweets. Boiled rice is our main food. Boiled rice is served with vegetables, curry, soup, fish and meat. Fish is the main source of protein. There are more than 40 types of common fishes in our county. Of them, Hilsa is very popular to the Bangladeshi people. Hilsa with ‘panta bhath’ is a traditional food to the people of Bangladesh. It is a very popular dish on Pohela Boishakh’. ‘Shutki’ is also very popular. All Bangladeshi people are very fond of sweets. Almost all Bangladeshi women prepare some traditional sweets. Pitha is a kind of popular sweet made from rice, flour, sugar, syrup, molasses and milk. It is a traditional food in Bangladesh. Every year during winter ‘Pitha Utsab’ is held all over Bangladesh. The most common sweets are roshgulla, sandesh, ros-malai, kala jam and chom-chom. The ros-malai of Comilla, the sana-mohi of Brhamanbaria and the chom-chom of Tangail are the most popular sweets in our land. Sweets are an important part of our daily food. Bangladeshi cuisine has a great demand all over the world.

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