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Here is some bengali caption or bangla caption for Facebook profile bangla picture , instagram or any other social network sites. All of these bengali captions are made by our expert image editor. We have made these bengali captions with very carefully. Becasue we always try to give the best image to our all users. So we think if you take these bengali captions for your Facebook profile picture or any other social networks, then you will never loss your popularity. So lets see whats captions are waiting for us.

Bengali caption :

Bengali caption

Jhibone kichu prosno thake zar uttor kokhono mela na, kichu kichu vul thake, za sodhrano jay na, ar kichu kichu kosto thake za kauke bola jay na.Bangla caption

Nodir epar kohe chariya nissash oparete sorbosukh amar biswas, nodir opar boshi dhirghissash chare, kohe zaha kichu sukh aokoli opare.

Bengali captions

Manush more gele poche jay, beche thakle bodlay, karone okarone bodlay.

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Bangla captions

Bastobota etoi kothin je kokhono kokhono buker vetor gore tola bindu bindu valobashao osohay hoye pore.

Bengali caption for fb

Ami sei obohela, ami sei noto mukh, nirobe fire jaoya oviman veja chokh, amake grohon koro, utsob theke fire zaoya ami sei ptottakkhan, ami sei oniccha nirbason buke neoya gholate chad, amake ar ki bedona dekhabe.

Bangla caption :

Bangla caption for fb

Jokhon eka thakar ovvash hoye zay, thik tokhoni sristikorta kichu manusher sondhan den, jokhon taderke niye valo thakar ovvash hoye zay, thik tokhoni abar eka hoye jete hpoy.

Bengali caption instagram

Kauke sarajibon kache pete chao ? tahole prem diye noy bondhutto diye agle rakho, karon prem ekdin hariye jabe, kintu bondhutto konodin haray na.

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