Parbona ami charte toke lyrics

Parbona ami charte toke lyrics

Parbona ami charte toke lyrics :

Vallage hat-te tor hath dhore
Vabna tor asche din rat dhore (x2)
Elomelo montake kii kore kheyal rakhe
Keno amii eto kore toke chai
Parbo na amii charte toke
Parbo na amii vulte toke
Parbo naa chere bachte toke
Hoye ja raji ekbar..

Vallage chaiile tui archokhe
Chaiichi tor oi duchokh ar toke (x2)
Elomelo dish kore
Sarata dupur dhore
Bose bose ure cholii kolponay
Parbo naa ami charte toke
Parbo naa ami vulte toke
Parbo na cheree bachte toke
Hoyee ja raji ekbar..

Dekha diye tui jodi chole jas
Ki karone bol etoo kichu chas
Amio kii cheye boshi tor kache
Sadasidhe mone kore ki ekhon
Ki karone bol etoo uchaton
Amio ki peye boshi tor kache
Kotha chinuk kothar rokom
Aamay dakar

Parbo naa ami charte toke
Parbo naa ami vulte toke
Parbo naa chere bachte toke
Hoye jaa raji ekbar!

tomake chai lyrics by Arjit Singh

tomake chai lyrics by Arjit Singh

tomake chai lyrics by Arjit Singh:

Tomar namer roddure
Ami dubechi shomuddure
Jani na jabo koto-dure ekhono

Amar pora kopale
Amar sondhe sokale
Tui keno eli jani na ekhono
Fondi ate mon palabar
Bondi ache kache se tomar

Jodii sotti jante chao
Tomake chaii tomke chaii
Jodii mitthe mante chao
Tomakeii chaii (2 times)

Holo shuru sat dine
Ei khela-dulo rat-diner
Jani baron korar saddhe nei ar amar

Tomar namer mondira
Ar tomar namer mosjide
Ami kotha diye esechi bar bar
Bindu theke shindu hoye jai
Tumi icche moto amake sajao

Jodii sottii jante chao
Tomake chaii tomke chaii
Jodii mitthe mante chao
Tomakeii chai (2 times)

Moner govire ghumer sorire
Tomake niye dube jabo
Amar kaje karoner ache
Nijeke ami khujeii nebo

Jodii sottii jante chao
Tomake chaii tomke chaii
Jodii mitthe mante chao
Tomakeii chaii (2 times)

Tamak pata lyrics by Ashes

Tamak pata lyrics by Ashes. This song lyrics is most popular in bangla yeang generation. So here we have posted the lyrics of this song below. This song is powerd by Ashes bangla band.


Tamak pata lyrics :

tumi tamak dhoro tamak charo
agun jaliye dao.
agun jalale ure jabe pakhi mona
agun jalale ure jabe pakhi

nesha kete gele tumio kete jabe

jotil korle jotil hobe
sohoj korle sohoj

mathar vitore gaja ghure
gajar vitore matha
gajar vitore matha ghure
tamak brikkher pata


alo alo lyrics by tahsan

Alo alo lyrics is here. This song is most popular to all yeang peoples of bangladesh. You will get alo alo lyrics of the song here as image and also in banglish. So you can download the image and you can use it at any time any where. If you like to sing a song this song is very nice to song. So lets see the songs lyrics.alo alo lyrics

Alo alo lyrics :

Tumi ar to karo nou shudhu amar
joto dure sore jao robe amar
stobdho somoy take dhore rekhe
sritir patay sudhu tumi amar

keno aj eto eka ami ?
alo hoye dure tumi
alo alo ami kokhono khuje pabo na

chader alo tumi kokhono amar hobe na
romonthon kori fele asha
drisshopot sopne aka

lukiye tumi kon sudure
hoyto bovissoter arale

ghaser cadore shuye eka
akasher pane cheye jege thaka
tobe aj eto eka keno

alo hoye dure tumi
alo alo ami kokhono khuje pabo na
chader alo tumi kokhono amar hobe na…

bondhu vabo ki lyrics by topu

bondhu vabo ki lyrics by topu is here for you. This song is very popular in bangladesh and all bangali. Topu is also most famus singer og bangladesh. He has so many bangla popular songs, and from them one of the most popular song is meye tumi ekhono amay bondhu vabo ki. So here i am writing the bondhu vabo ki lyrics by topu.

bondhu vabo ki lyrics by topu

bondhu vabo ki lyrics by topu:

Meye tumi ekhono amay bondhu vabo ki ?
Kokhono ki vebechile bondhur cheye ektu khani beshi ?
Naki vebe nebo ajo tumi amay cheno ni ?

valo lage na, tomay ekotha bolechi bar bar
Tomar mon venge jabe vebe ese chilam ami abar
Sobi chilo valobasha, bujhlena bujhlena
Bujhte jodi dekhte amay lagche ochena.

Haschi ami bolchi kotha, vabcho dekhina tomay
Tumi amar ridoye ar dur theke takiye dekhay
Khoniker bondhura jokhon ar thakbe na
Khujhe dekho pabe amay, ami sei chiro chena.

Tumi ami diyechi pari dujone epaar opar
Sobi amar sopno ar sukher chhobi kolponar
Jani tumi amay ekhono chiinte paroni
valobeshe dakbe jokhon, asbo tokhoni.

Meye tumi ekhono amay bondhu vabo ki ?
Kokhono ki vebechhile bondhur cheye ektu khani beshi ?
Naki vebe nebo ajo tumi amay cheno ni ?

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Tumi robe nirobe lyrics

Tumi robe nirobe lyrics / তুমি রবে নীরবে লিরিক্স । এই গানটি একটি রবীন্দ্র সংগীত । খুব সুন্দর একটি গান । নিচে তুমি রবে নীরবে গানটি লিরিক্স দেয়া হলো । tomar khola hawa song lyrics.

tumi robe nirobe lyrics

Tumi robe nirobe lyrics / তুমি রবে নীরবে লিরিক্স ঃ

তুমি রবে নীরবে,
হৃদয়ে মমো,
তুমি রবে নীরবে,
নিবিড়, নিভৃত,
পূর্ণিমা নিশীথিনি সমো,
তুমি রবে নীরবে ।

মমো জীবন যৌবন,
মমো অখিল ভুবন,
তুমি ভরিবে গৌরবে,
নিশীথিনি সমো ।

তুমি রবে নীরবে,
হৃদয়ে মমো,
তুমি রবে নীরবে ।

জাগিবে একাকী তব করুণ আঁখি,
তব অঞ্চল ছায়া মোরে রহিবে ঢাকি ।

জাগিবে একাকী তব করুণ আঁখি,
তব অঞ্চল ছায়া মোরে রহিবে ঢাকি ।

মমো দুঃখবেদন,
মমো সফল স্বপন,
মমো দুঃখ বেদন,
মমো সফল স্বপন,
তুমি ভরিবে সৌরভে,
নিশীথিনি সম ।

তুমি রবে নীরবে,
হৃদয়ে মমো,
তুমি রবে নীরবে,
নিবিড় নিভৃত,
পূর্ণিমা নিশীথিনী সমো,
তুমি রবে নীরবে ॥

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Mayabono biharini lyrics

Mayabono biharini lyrics 

গানের নামঃ মায়াবন বিহারিনী ।
গানের ধরনঃ রবীন্দ্রসঙ্গীত ।

মায়াবনবিহারীনি হরিনী
গহনস্বপন সঞ্চারিণী,
কেন তারে ধরিবারে করি পণ অকারণ।

থাক্‌ থাক্‌ নিজমনে দূরেতে,
আমি শুধু বাঁশরীর সুরেতে
পরশ করিব ওর প্রাণমন

চমকিবে ফাগুনের পবনে,
পশিবে আকাশবানী শ্রবণে,
চিত্ত আকুল হবে অনুখন
দূর হতে আমি তারে সাধিব
গোপনে বিরহডোরে বাঁধিব-
বাঁধনবিহীন সেই যে বাঁধন
অকারণ।Mayabono biharini lyrics

Mayabono biharini lyrics:

this song is very popular to all bengali language user in the world. In this post you will get the best Mayabono biharini lyrics. Because we always try to give the fresh and new versions lyrics of any song. So if you are looking for the best song lyrics, then you are on right place. In this article you will see the lyrics.

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Thanks for reading our best song lyrics. If you want to get more bangla song lyrics, then you can visit our others post. There we have posted so many bangla song lyrics. Because you are interested to get the song lyrics. You can post this song lyrics on your facebook timeine.

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