Bangla koster love letter (bangla font)

কষ্টের প্রেম পত্র ভালোবাসার চিঠিঃ প্রিয়…… কেমন আছো।।ভালো থাকো সব সময় এই কামনা করি।চিঠি লেখতেছি আজ একটা বিশেষ দিন তোমার জন্মদিন।।শুভেচ্ছা নিও আমার। আজ হৃদয়ের ভিতর থেকে দীর্ঘ শ্বাস আমাকে দাক্কা দিচ্ছে কেনো জানো এমন দিনে তোমার পাশে আমি থাকতে পারিনি বলে।।নিশিথের জ্যোৎস্না আমাকে অনেক কাছে ডেকেছে আমি যাই নি আমি যে মনে মনে ভেবে … Read more

Bangla sms and quotes for life insurance

We are living in earth, everybody should know to live happy. When our mind stay cool and clam, than we feel happy. To keep our mind cool we should do some important work everyday and every time. Life insurance is the most powerful trick to get relax mind. We should do a life insurance for … Read more

Bangla health sms tips and quotes

Calm your mind, it develop inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for well health. The person who says it isn’t conceivable should move off the beaten path of those doing it. Good health is not something ready made. It comes from your own best actions. To keep the good health is an obligation… … Read more

Bangla love letter

Dear friends, here i have written some bangla love letter, valobashar chithi, premer chithi for all of you. These letters are collected from my some friends who are really know how to write a bangla love letter to a real lover. If you think, you will give a bangla love letter to your lover, than … Read more

Love Tips For a Long Lasting Relationship

A continuing adoration relationship is worked with energy and care, with bunches of regard and absolution for each other. There are no marvels and no children’s stories, in actuality, cherish connections. Here are some affection tips on the best way to keep the adoration fire starting impractically in your day by day life: 1. Arrange … Read more