Corona Virus and the way to stay safe from it

The corona virus has taken a terrible shape in the present world.The virus has infected more than three lakh people in China. And the death toll in China has exceeded three thousand. As a result, travel with China to all other countries was postponed. But even then the Corona virus infection could not be prevented. And the Corona virus has spread to many other countries, including Japan Italy. There are currently more than four lakh people infected with the corona virus worldwide. The number of deaths is increasing daily.

Corona virus is a special type of RNA virus. Which causes human lung infection.And it damages the lungs.And causes respiratory neumonia. However, in the first case it is not possible to detect corona virus infection.Fever, colds, dry cough appear when corona virus is infected. And the symptoms take five to seven days to spread. And there is a lot of trouble breathing. It causes lung and kidney problems. And there is a risk of bias.

However, the mortality rate among people affected by the corona virus is much lower. The mortality rate for infected people is less than two percent. However, one of the main causes of the Corona virus panic is its rapid spread. Most of the patients who died were physically weak and suffering from various diseases. The Corona virus is a serious risk factor for people with low physical ability. Especially those who suffer from respiratory problems. The death of children has not yet been reported. However, many children are infected with the coronary virus and many of them are already healed. However, special precautions must be taken for children. Because children are infected with the corona virus, it can spread quickly.

How to prevent corona virus? There is widespread awareness needed to prevent the corona virus. It is spread by coming in contact with the affected person. The coronary virus spreads through sneezing and coughing. Therefore, special precautions must be taken when giving a cough. Health experts recommend using tissue for this.

Can’t get out without need. But if you go out, you should wear a mask. And back home, you must wash your hands with hand wash. And you can’t put your hand in your mouth. Be especially careful in the care of the infected person. After providing food and medicines to patients, the Serviceman will wash their hands and feet.

Also, if any of these symptoms occur in a person, the affected person should be consulted immediately. And the affected person should follow the doctor’s advice. And he should take regular medication. If see these symptoms inside a person, they should never be ignored.

Awareness can prevent the spread of the Corona virus. We should all be aware of the Corona virus and make others aware. Then the corona virus will not spread. Scientists are quickly trying to find a drug for the corona virus.

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