Bangla good morning sms

A cute good morning sms can start a good day for you. We are always want to share something special with our lover. If you search, you will get many sms for wishing good morning in english. But you can not get any bengali good morning sms from net. I am sharing some bangla good morning cute sms text. Also amazing images in here you will get. From below you can get all best bangla good morning sms. Just get your choice. Shuvo sokal.Bangla good morning sms

Every new morning is a new opportunity to wish special moment. And the sms is the best and easy way to wish her. Morning can good with a good sms message wishes and it may increase her love to you. It will better, if you with the best romantic smsThats fine, we get all sms about a good morning in english quotes. But there is inadequate in bangla. To backup this shortness, this is our best hard work. That we think all will be get their favourite good morning sms in bangla from here and can share or send to anyone of loved. The wishes with bangla good morning sms should your best choice for get your lover heart.

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Bangla good morning sms text:

vorer prothom sonali alo,
sopno notun jagiye gelo,
shishir beja ghaser patay,
tomar hater alto choay,
futlo sokal katlo rat,
tai misty mukhe jani “Suprovat”

sokale suni kokiler kuhu kuhu dak,
dur akashe ure jay sada boker jhak,
bataser shitol haoay mon matal,
bondhu tomake jani, “Suvo sokal”

jodi hate rakho hat,
anbo deke notun provat,
korbo suru notun kore din,
bondhu tomay janai
“Happy Good Morning”

good morning bangla photo

chotto pakhi bollo ese amar kane kane,
surji mama utheche jege notun kichur tane,
sukhe theko valo theko rekho valobeshe,
misty sokal janiye dilam chtto sms e.
“Good Morning”

Good Morning sms for girlfriend:

suvo sokal santo mon,
tumi bondhu acho kemon ?
rat fohalo vor holo,
ami bondhu achi valo,
valo theko sara din,
tomake janai “Good Morning”

snigdho alo roj sokale,
achre pore nodir tire,
suvo sokal pouche dilam,
tomar hridoyer mondire.
****Good Morning****

Good morning bangla sms

Nishi jokhon vor hobe,
sukh tara gulo nive jabe,
samne asbe ekta notun din,
din ta hok omolin,
suvo hok tomar protidin,
***Shubo Sokal***..

Snigdho Sokal Nil Akash, Mridu Mridu Boiche Batash.
Chokh Khulchi Tomar Tane, Amay Rekho Tomar Mone.
Katuk Ekta Valo Din, Janai Tomay “Good Morning”.

Dakche Kokil Gaiche Gan, Notun Diner Ahoban
Uthbe Surjo Dibe Alo, Dinta Tomar Katuk Valo
“…………SHUVO SOKAL………”

Sokal Belar Pakhi Ami Ful Bagane Thaki.
Ghum Theke Jagiye Dite Misti Sure Daki.
Valo Katuk Aj Sarata Din.
Tomake Janay “GOOD MORNING”

Sokal Holo, Noyon Kholo, Ghum K Bolo Ari…!
Amr Sms Powche Gache, Bondhu tomar Bari…!
Fuler Gondhe Vore Uthuk tomar Aj Sokal…!
Taito tomay Janai — Misti Shuvo Sokal……

good morning bangla picture

Ekta Notun Surjo Uthuk, Sat Ta Ronger Ful Futuk..
Fuler Buke Vromor Jutuk, Sukher Jhapi Ujar Kore,
Notun Din Sundor Katuk… .::shuprovat::.

Ghum Ghum Rater Seshe, Surjo Abar Uthlo Hese.
Futlo Abar Vorer Alo, Dinta Sobar Katuk Valo.
Shuru Holo Notun Din, Janay Ebar “Good Morning”

Bangla Good Morning Sms for friend:

Shishir Veja Rater Shese, Asbe Din Alor Bese,
Hasbe Surjo katbe mondo, Vese Asbe Fuler Gondho,
Emon Hok Protita Din. Janai Tomay . GOOD MORNING.

Nil Akasher Megher Velay Dighir Jole Fular Melay,
Sobuj Ghaser Shishir Konay Projapotir Rongin Danay,
Ekta Kotha Tomay Janay “Happy Good Morning”

Notun Din Shuru Holo,
Monta Aamar Valo Holo.
Surjo Mama Uki Dilo,
Pakira Sob Ure Gelo.
Ma Amake Boka Dilo,
Taito Aamar Ghum Vangalo.
“GooD MoRninG”

Oporup Ai Sundor Vore, Sobai Ache Onek Dure.
Kokil Dake Kuhu-kuhu.. Monta Kore Uhu-uhu.
Noyto Dupur, Noyto Bikel Sobaike Janai “SHUVO SOKAL”..

Vorer akash dakche tomay
Dakche vorer pakhi.
Bolche tomay jege utho
Kholo duti akhi.
Fuler bagan bolche tomay
Bariye duti hat
Amio tai bolchi tomai
Mishty shuprovat

Rat periye holo sonaly ekta vor
Ki bepar, tomar chokhe ekhono ghumer ghor ?
Utho utho chokh kholo, takiye dekho tumi
Ak guccho ful hate dariye achi ami
“shuvo sokal”

Him shitol sokale, rong-tulir chadore
Dhaka surjer alote jodi ghum vange tomar
Mone rakhbe prothom good morning wish ta
Chilo shudhui amar “good morning”.

Sokal Holo Ghum vanglo,
HoTat Dekhi Sishir Porlo.
Oma ! Eta Abar Ki Holo?
Jah “SMS” Ta vije Gelo
Tara-tari Uthe Jao SMS Ta Rodre Dao.
“Good Morning” 🙂

>>> Good Morning Sms in bangla

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