Good night sms

Good night sms : Send a small, charming and meaningful Good Night wishing SMS to your love/friends and family every night before going to sleep. Tell them that you think of them even before you sleep. Good Night SMS to wish your dearest one GOOD NIGHT and Sweet Dreams.

Good night sms

Everybody is sleepy because now it is night.
Can you tell me why there is no sleep in my eyes?
What kind of happiness awakens me this night?
Why the mind is overwhelming today?
Good Night!!

Some people love
Some people dream
Some people talk to the moon at midnight
Some people suffer
Some people look for trouble
Some people wake up at night
And tears alone

You cannot sleep without thinking of me.
When you go to sleep, you must think of me.
You cannot stop your mind and this is called love.
Good Night!!

If all the colors of the earth are mixed and become black. Still,
you will remain colorful. Because whenever I close my eyes,
I can see you like a fairy.
Good Night!!

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I am cloud , you sky
I am the flower, you are the fragrance
I am a poet, you are a poem
I am tune, you sing
I am the day and you are the sun
I am night and you are the moon.
Good Night!!

No matter whether the sky is blue or black
No matter whether it is dark or light
No matter how the day I spend
Just pray for you that you remain good always.
Good Night!!

We never met, may be will never
As long as I live
You will always be my dream of my sleepless night.
Good Night!!

Good night wishes

Look out the window
Something is there for seeing your smiling face
What are you thinking??
“Moon’’ yeah!! Because I sent him to wish you Good Night!!

When people are upset, sleep do not want to come and sleep become selfish.
Have you been asleep now? Have a nice dream love.
Good Night!!

My dear, even today you are sleeping with your teddy bear.
I promise you that we will both sleep together very soon.
Good Night my heart!!

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Even though I am sending you a good night wish,
I know your night will not be a good night!! Because
I am not beside you now. No tension, do not be sad,
I will be there for you very soon.
Good night!!

There is a magic in the night and it is also there in our love.
That is why the night feels so beautiful just like you my heart.
Good Night!!

All the songs I have heard all of my life,
the best is that sleeping song that you sang for me mother.
Good Night Mom!!

You have been a roof of my head all my life.
So that I can sleep freely. At least tonight you should sleep quietly father.
Good Night!!

The day has passed and the night has come.
Leave studying and fall asleep now and dream well.
Good Night!!

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