Happy birthday sms

Happy birthday sms : Dear friends, here i am going to post some amazing and romantic happy birthday sms and messages. You can share these sms and messages with your beloved person. Peoples search for the best sms wish to wish their beloved person. So we have posted the best and fresh birthday sms and messages for you. Just scroll down and see your birthday sms.

Happy birthday sms for friends:

Happy birthday my dear friend, start a new year with your best and great moment. Spend your time with your beloved person. Be long live with your partner.

I am so grateful to have you as my friend. I never thought we would pass such a long time together. But, there is still a path long ahead waiting for us. I pledge my friendship to you today. Happy birthday, my friend.Happy birthday sms

Another year has passed throughout our friendship. For that, I am grateful to you. You have been with me for many years. Why not stay another year and explore this world together. Happy birthday wishes to you my friend.

I got a friend who laughs at my silly things, who falls when I fall, who cries when I cry and makes me smile when I am sad. That’s no one other than you my friend. Many many happy returns of the day.

Birthday messages for Girlfriend :

Every day, I see you is not enough. Every moment we spent is not enough. Every time we laugh & have fun together is not enough. But, today’s exceptional. My endless love and time are only for you. Many many happy returns of the day my dear!

My dear, start your day with care and politeness. Keep smiling all day long. Do whatever you like to do the most. I will fulfill all your wishes. Happy birthday to you.

I don’t want a blue, yellow, white or pink roses. I want a rose that will always keep itself cheering and smiling. I found that rose. It’s a red rose and it’s you. Many many happy returns of the day sweetie.Happy birthday sms pic

Birthday sms for Boyfriend :

Every girl wants her man to be reliable in every manner. In, sadness, in happiness, in anger and also in making new moments. I am that lucky girl, who has found that man. You came into my dark life as a light. Happy Birthday my love.

Happy birthday to my dearest love. You are the special man I have always loved, and always will till the end of time. I wish you the best life full of joy and happiness. Again, happy birthday dear.

Light the candles, make a wish that will make you happy. May all your dreams and wishes come true. May you prosper in life my love. Many many happy returns of the day.Happy birthday sms image

Birthday wishes for Boss :

Dear boss, in some terms you know more than us. But, we think there might be something big waiting for you. Your dedication and determination are the key to where you are now. Wish you prosper more. Happy Birthday!!

Dear boss! I wish I could tell you that, you are very strict & complain about everything you tell or do. Guess what! I can’t. Because, you’re the one who inspires us, motivates us in every situation. We really are blessed having you by our side. Wish you a very pleasant Happy Birthday Boss.

This is a special day for us as it is a special day for you. You are a great leader who is leading us to our goals. Thank you for being our boss. Wish you a very pleasant Birthday.

You have given us inspiration and guidance in our every step of the way. You were there even without saying. We are very pleased to be working under you. Happy Birthday Boss.

Some special and new birthday sms :

Here is some more new and fresh Happy birthday sms for you.

May this birthday bring you the happiness you never had and the prosperity you ever wished for. Happy Birthday love!

From this birthday, I wish every day of your life becomes as exciting and wonderful bringing you the joy and success you deserve. Happy Birthday!

Birthdays bring you best regards, wishes and happiness but I wish you warm hugs, soulful thoughts and lots of love on your birthday. Happy birthday!

Every day is special for some memories they hold, but this day is exceptionally special for a wonderful, full of life and kind person who was born to this date. Happy birthday!

Celebrate this day as the beginning of a new chapter of your life. And I wish from this date to a lot more you get a chance to celebrate every day. Happy Birthday sweetheart!

It is needless to say what a generous and happy of a person I’ve seen in you since I got to know you. I wish you get every reason to be happier every other day. Happy birthday beautiful!

On this special day, I wish all your dreams come true and this day remains in your memory as one of the best days of your life. Happy Birthday!

Do you know a kind and humble human who was born on this day to spread love, peace and happiness? You know who I’m talking about. Happy Birthday love!

A friend, a mentor, an advisor and so much more. You’ve always given me a reason to smile. And I hope you spread this positivity throughout your life. Happy Birthday!

Till date, I cherish every single second I’ve spent with you. To the joy, the sorrow, the embarrassment and all that’s good and bad, you’ve equally shared them with me. I’m thankful for having you in my life. Happy Birthday!

I was fortunate enough to find friendship, love, and guidance in a single person. And I’m happy to say that, indeed that person is you. Happy birthday!

I couldn’t be happier to see how beautiful a human you are turning into. And I’m proud that I’ve been a part of your journey all through. Happy birthday dear!

So much to say about the laughs, the silly things, the cries and the emotional rollercoaster we went through together. I couldn’t wish for a partner better than you. Thank you for existing. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Sms for Sister :

Happy Birthday Sms for Sister . The elder sister is a second mother or guardian given by God, who will never hurt you. And if she is your younger sister, she is a blessing to you. Here are some happy birthday sms for sister of all the brothers in this world. Hope you will like these.

I know you have some unique identity in the crowd… I wish you to have no misery and always have a good time.
Happy Birthday to you sister!!

Despite of all the arguments, misunderstandings, you are the sweetest person in my life sister. Have a lots of love and wish you many many happy returns of the day!!

From the school life with whom I befriended, who then become the best friend of mine, today is her birthday. You are such a cute sister. May God bless you always on the right way.
Happy Birthday sister!

From morning to night, may your birthday be very special. Happy Birthday my mother’s elder daughter!!

Happy Birthday sister!! You are the person whose birthday I can remember without any kind of reminder!!

Sometimes I thought that your birthday should be declared a holiday. After all you are our an important wealth, ha!! ha!! Until this happens, your brother will wish you every year. Happy Birthday sis!!

Let every day of your life be full of joy like a birthday! Enjoy this day today sister. Happy Birthday.

I sent you a thousand smiles on your birthday who will make you laugh every day and will give you much happiness sister. Happy happy Birthday sister!!

I pray for you to…
12 months of joy,
52 weeks of happiness,
365 of success,
8760 hours of good health
And 52600 minutes of good luck!!
Happy Birthday sis!!

Birthday wishes for sister :

I am very grateful of this day because you were born on this day. You are like my good friend and you are such a good human being I have rarely met in my life sister.
Happy Birthday the only sister of 4 brothers.

The great time of my life was to grow up a loving sister like you. Thanks for making my life special and meaningful my elder sister.
Happy Birthday to you.

Forget all the unfulfilled memories of the past and move on to make all the dreams come true sister.
Happy Birthday!!

Though I hate sharing my things with you but still I enjoy spending time with you. Because you are very precious to me sister.
Many many happy Birthday!!

A miracle has happened, I can remember your birthdate. What a wonderful thing!! Don’t it?
Anyway, happy Birthday middle sister of three sisters, ha!! ha!!

You have some good qualities and for that reason you are the best sister. Your birthday is a special day for me beautiful. Many many happy returns of the day!!

You are my sister,
You are my friend,
You were on my side,
And hopefully will be forever….
I just pray to God that may I be with you always. Happy Birthday loving sister.

You are my love,
You are my soul,
I have got a sister like you
And I am so lucky to have you sister.
Happy Birthday!!

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