How girls offer love

No girl is waiting for the day when the boys will kneel down and propose love or marriage to the girls with a ring. Rather, before the boys say anything, the girls make the offer in advance. Apart from that, it is better to go a little out of the traditional way and follow the new rules. Many say that girls are sweeter than boys when they offer love to boys. So let’s see how girls of different characters will express their love to their beloved man.

Silent character girls

Girls who are a little quiet can tell their loved ones what is on their minds. He needs an empty space. It could be your home or it could be a friend’s farm house. Arrange a surprise for your loved one on the roof of the house. You can decorate with candles and write ‘‘ Marie Me? ‌ ’‌ but all the lights should be off at that time. In the soft light of a candle, you kneel down and propose marriage to your loved one with a ring. He will never forget your style.

Those girls in filmy style

This idea is perfect for girls who want to impress their loved ones in a dramatic way. When you first meet him, record everything you think about him. Then close your loved one’s eyes and bring him to an empty room. Continue the recording. You see, after the recording is over, your favorite person is looking for you with open eyes.

Realistic girls

Those who adhere more to reality than to the world of imagination can also propose marriage to their loved ones. He went to a pizza restaurant and wrote on a plate with ketchup sauce and cheese, “Mary me?” You will forget to eat pizza and a strange smile will appear on the face of your loved one. Then open the pizza box and bring the ring (there should be pizza with the ring) ‌ You tell him your thoughts. You will see that your loved one will promise to feed you pizza for the rest of his life.

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