How to keep safe and secure wordpress site

Here you will see how to keep safe and secure wordpress site. There are one-third percent websites are powerd by wordpress cms. This is very popular cms in the world. For easy operationg system, this cms is like most of webmasters and web developers. Just follow these easy steps below.How to keep safe and secure wardpress site

How to keep safe and secure wordpress site

First of all, you have to take a full website backup. And keep it in any safe place. I personally keep my all sites backup in my pendrive. You can use google drive or dropbox to keep your all sites backup.

And than, you have to install just three free wordpress plugins. Again say, just three free plugins. These three plugins keep your site safe from hacker or malicious. Lets see these three free wordpress plugins and their settings.

  1. Wordfence: This is very popular security plugin for wordpress platform. For free use, this plugin likes almost every wordpress developer or blogger. You can ask me- do you use this plugin in your site ? My answer is- obviously. I like this very much. Because this plugin keep me some rest and mantally relux. I can keep my 90% confidence to this plugin. You have to know another 10% warranty can not give any one in the world. So install this plugin in your own business website or blog.
  2. WPS hide login: This plugin also very popular to secure your wordpress website. Very simple to use this free plugin. Just install this plugin and start using. After installing this plugin- you have to set up a login admin url. Just like this- instead of So here your admin panel can not access. To access your admin panel, you have to type the changed admin url ( This will secure your site from automatic access or malicious.
  3. Really simple ssl: Keep in mind, to use this free plugin, you have to install a ssl certificate in your hosting. To get a free ssl certificate, you can buy host from any company with free ssl. Than they will give you free ssl for your site after installing your site in their hosting server. To active this plugin, just install this plugin in your wordpress. After installing this plugin, you will be redirect to your login page. Than just login with your username and password again.

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