How to propose a boy

How to propose a boy ? It’s not as easy for girls as it is for boys to open their minds to girls. The first reason is the shy nature of girls. Girls simply do not want to tell anyone what is on their mind. And if it is something related to love, then the amount of shame becomes skyrocketing.How to propose a boy

The second reason is social barriers. In the family and social environment in which girls are brought up, the mentality of accepting such relationships is not yet developed in our country. And the third is uncertainty. If someone she loves is rejected by her for any reason, they are severely traumatized.

Expressing love is a very important thing for a girl. Once someone likes them, girls start thinking about it day and night and how to talk to them or make it clear that they love them. how to propose a boy. Romantic love proposal

But in many cases the result of these thoughts becomes zero only for the above reasons. So let’s find out how to tell your loved one about love-

How to propose a boy

Find out if the boy is single:

Getting a single boy is really hard these days. Because, the boy falls in love with someone before he enters his youth. So, before falling in love with a boy, look at these signs and understand whether the boy is still single or is falling in love with someone else.

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Wait for the right time:

How about telling your loved one about love on Valentine’s Day! You must choose a suitable day to express your thoughts to him. This will make it easier for you to talk to him. You can talk to him on any special day other than 14th February like his birthday, New Year etc.

Choose the right place:

Boys are very emotional. Choose a secluded place to let him know you love him. Don’t choose a place where a lot of people travel, it won’t get their attention. And that is why shopping malls, coffee shops, movie theaters are not suitable places to talk like this. Personally, I think it is better to choose a park, garden, river bank.

Make the day memorable:

How you tell her you love her is very important to her. And much depends on what he answers you. So whatever you do, do something that makes the time memorable to him. For that you don’t have to kneel down with the ring and say I love you. Just do what the two of you like.

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Speak your mind:

Try to keep yourself as calm as possible before questioning him. Tell him that you need his full attention. Because you want to tell him something very important. Prepare him mentally to accept the word and say the word at the appropriate time.

Let him know you love him. Also explain why you love him. Then want to know about his attitude towards you. Now the question is do not expect to get an immediate answer in all cases or force him to agree to your words. If he wants to, give him time to think about what you have said.

Prepare yourself for the bad news:

After telling him the word of love, prepare mentally for something bad. You have to understand that he also has personal desires. He is not forced to love you just because you love him. Respect whatever decision Nick makes. If he loves you too, then he is yours at any cost. Otherwise, accept the fate and move forward. Maybe someone better than him is waiting for you.

If you want to convince someone that he or she is special to you, tell him or her directly. Believe me, this is what he expects from you. If you want, you can surprise him with many expensive gifts. If you wish, you can write and send your thoughts along with the gift. But more important than any valuable gift to a boy is to be loved by someone who truly understands him.

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The biggest hesitation to tell a boy about his love to a girl these days is the fear of choosing the wrong man. Because, there are some boys with whom girls want to be careful about getting involved. And girls can’t easily talk to the people they love. Moreover, in the conventional sense, everyone believes that it is the man’s responsibility to express love first.

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