How to protect your mobile from hacking

Hi friends, here i am discussing the best protection of android mobile phones from unwanted hacking. I will tell you how you can keep your mobile safe without any extra knowledge. Nowadays, there are so many mobiles that hacked by a group of hackers online. It occurs at maximum because of our unconsciousness. If we are conscious of our mobile phone, our mobile will never hack again. So, let’s look at the tips.How to protect you mobile from hacking

1. Pinlock your mobile:

Almost every android mobile has this teacher. You can set your pin lock to your mobile from setting options. It will protect your phone from unwanted access to your phone. This is one kind of password protection. So, if anyone wants, he can not access your phone at anytime.

2. Never click or enter any unknown link:

We see, at times, some unknown messages come to our direct inbox from coming companies. And they give some unusual offers to click or enter their website. This is a very common type of trap for you. If you click or enter this website, they will take control of your mobile phone without your permission. So do not do this anytime.

3. Never share your wifi with others:

Some hackers live in your society. They want your wifi password and if you give you your wifi password, they can easily hack into your mobile phone. You should never share your wifi password with anyone. You should keep your wifi password very strong. So no one can use your wifi or your mobile phone.

4. Avoid any fishing site:

Sometimes we see some websites like this: This is one kind of phishing site. Many people enter this site, because they think it is one of the facebook company. So here, you should use your general knowledge. Facebook has only one link, which is Without this there are all kinds of phishing sites.

My last voice:

I am using my mobile very carefully. So my mobile has never been hacked yet. So i think, if you use your mobile with great care, your phone will never be hacked. This is in your hand. So the responsibility is also in your hands. So dear friends, bye for today. But stay with us for the next important technology tips. Thanks a lot for reading this full article.
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