How to sent money from visa card to bkash

How to sent money from visa card to bkash . Without any charge, Money can be transferred to bKash account from any bank’s Visa debit or credit card. In addition, once the money is withdrawn from the Visa card, the card information can also be saved for the convenience of faster transactions later on. How to sent money from visa card to bkash

How to sent money from visa card to bkash

1. From the bKash app home screen, tap on the ‘Add Money’ icon.

2. Tap ‘Card to Bkash’ and select ‘Visa’.

3. Your bKash account number will be given from the beginning, no need to type. And if you want to send money to other’s number, give that bKash account number. Then give the amount of money.

4. Then enter your Visa card number, validity and CVN number (3 or 4 digit verification code on the back of the card). If you want, you can save the card information for the convenience of the next transaction.

5. Complete the transaction with the OTP code sent to your number.

6. Maximum 30,000 taka can be added daily to a individual bKash account. You can add money up to 5 times a day. In this way, you can add up to 25 times per month, up to a total of 200,000 taka.

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What to do in case of transaction problems:

Problem: Failed to save customer add money or save card and no OTP screen will be seen.

Solution: To enable card e-commerce transactions for online transactions, please contact the issuing bank

Problem: The e-commerce transaction has started but failed to save the customer ad money or save the beneficiary and the OTP screen has turned white.

Solution: Are you using an iPhone? Please contact the issuing bank to state your problem and let them know about your smartphone version.

Problem: Please contact the issuing bank to resolve the issue. (And ask permission to transact from saved card without CVV)
The e-commerce transaction has been launched but the customer is getting an error message on the OTP screen.

Solution: To resolve the issue please contact the issuing bank and ask them to turn on the transaction facility via internet.

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