Huge changes to the Gmail app

Gmail, Google’s email service, is undergoing a major overhaul for Android users. These new changes will enable Google Chat app integration in the Gmail app, using Mail, Meet and Rooms.
Earlier this chat messaging app could use users in Google Workspace. But, from now on these can use in personal accounts. Also, iPhone and Android will now have 4 tabs in the Gmail app. These are Gmail, Chat, Meet and Rooms.

How to turn on the chat function:

To enable this chat function in the Gmail app, you need to first install the updated version of the Gmail app.
Then open the Gmail app and tap on the sandwich menu at the top left of the screen.
Scroll down to Settings from the options there. From here, select Personal Google Account. Now you need to enable “Chat (early access)> toggle.
There are 4 tabs available in the new version of Gmail app, along with a new style chat box.
Chat and meet options will become competitors for video meetings. Instant messaging platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Slack, experts said. The idea is that personal Gmail accounts will able to compete with WhatsApp and Telegram.
Media can share in the Google chat interface, you will have access to Google Drive for file sharing. You need to switch to Google Meet for video chat.
So The most good thing is that now the user does not have to switch to different apps like Gmail, Chat, Meet and Room.
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