Some important love tips

Love is very holy. We should keep very care to it. Without love no man can not alive. So love is most important to us. Now a days love is going from us. We love someone for something. When get the thing, we break down the relation. But this is not fare for all. Here i have given some important tips for love and relationship.

Some tips for love

Take care of relation:

If you love someone, you should take care of this relation. Because without caring, do not lasting any relation. Love is very sensitive relation. To keep your love very active, you should know about caring of it.

Romantic talk:

If you want to long lasting your love relation. You have to do some romantic talk. When you will go outside with your lover, you keep your lover more happy with some romanitc talk. Something like this, walk with deside your lover. Say some funny story at times.

Love with food:

You should know about your partner,s favorite food. And at times when you meet with her, give some favorite food to her. She will be very happy for this. This will be very good for your realtion.

Give some gift:

Who do not love to get gift ? Almost every people like to get some gift from lover person. If you want to make more happy to your partner, you should know about good gift of market. Go to your near market and buy some amazing gift for your lover. A rose is best gift for alltime.

Sometimes doing fun:

If you want keep your relation cool, you should do some fun with your lover. It makes your partner more happy. To fun with her, you can watch some comedy film together. Or you can do some comedy act with her.

So do not late more, just make your relation more happy by following this tips. This  tips is very easy i thik. Anyone can follow, if he want to get real feelings of love.

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