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Best Love quotes for him:

Love takes away more than what it gives!
Almost everyone on this earth falls in love with people of opposite nature .
Deep love makes people dolls. A boyfriend is a lover’s girlfriend or a lover is a boy’s doll. The two are never dolls together. Who will be the doll and who is the carpenter depends on mental capacity. The person with whom the mental ability is the doll’s twist in his hand.
It is not about the work of someone who falls in love with girdles. There is no love for any of the superstitious people. Rules that others will fall in love with them.
Sometimes the relation of the soul beyond the relationship of blood!
It’s a good thing to start doing everything that once started.
Love is not necessary for eternity, one moment is enough.
It is not understandable in the world’s most ignorant matterlove quotes for him
I can not ask more of your heart as much as I can.
All of us can do all the big things, but we can do a lot of small things with our much loved ones.
The world’s first love of the world is the totalitarian love and nothing else. There is no one to be liked and lucky as the girl who loves the first man. Although the love remains unpublished for most of the time, but the fire of love burns all the girls all the time.
Boys and girls can be friends, but they must fall in love with each other. Maybe for a very short time, or at the wrong time Or too late, or not for all time. But they will fall in love.
The boys love to play that love when they really do not even know it. Girls do not even know when they started acting at the bus to love.
Love is a kind of illusion where men see a woman different from other women and women separate from one man to another.
Love is an ideal affair and marriage is real. The ideal and reality conflict will never be image with quote

Love quotes for him from the heart:

In any way we can not blame gravitation-gravity for the fall of love.
The absence of hours during love seems to be the absence of the month, the absence of days, the absence of years and the absence of an infinite period of time.
A woman is either loved or hated, and knows no third way.
May only sanctify marriage. And the only genuine marriage is that which is purified by love.
Learn to love, Learn to give love. Then you will not love your life.
Do not hide the person who loves you.
Only love can cure all diseases.
Birds are clogged with leaves, and people love them with love.
Human life is a flower, and love is a form of quote image
Flowers can be planted in the desert with love.
Love opens the doors of the heart in the moment.
Love is the friend of life.
There is a tidal flood in the river of love.
There is no decoction of deep love.
The person who loves but less than expresses the real love.
Only love can be repaid with love.
There is no money or amount of love.

Love quotes for your boyfriend:

Love is a platform where all people can stand.
My religion is not bound in any sexual limit. My religion is based on love and nonviolence..
If you love someone blindly, its results can not be quote with flower images
The beginning of all things, the middle and the end is love.
Love is a mental disorder.
Frequent love patterns read in love with the same person repeatedly.
Learn love to hate life. Giving love and love, illuminate your life in the divine sense.
If you can not forgive, why do you love him ?
Age can not be hidden as love.
Do not hate life, learn to love life. Your love for life and love will be reflected in your eternal life.
If you decide to judge people, you will not have time to love.
If you want to know a person, then learn to love him first.
The rules of the world are a big odd, the one you love the most, the cause of your grief.
Waiting is a sign of pure love. Everyone can say love. But everyone can not prove that love by waiting.
Love is a kind of quotes images flower
His life is in vain in youth, whose love is not in vain.
When love is satisfied, its sweetness decreases very much.
Can you give 100 funets? Aadhan sadj sadhajaya a day sky some funhas.
The day on which the light of the candle light waxed, the door will not be seen in the house and the light of the lamp.
The foolish fools of the beauty are equivalent to the heavenly words.

Funny love quotes for him:

Love is more alive than marriage.
I wish to say what you said to me at my death, I wish to say it today. Today, I feel as if you punish me – or why I can carry it.
The small one is big, the boundaries are infinite, the love is for liberation. Whenever I get the love of love, I see where there is no limit in the boundary.
I’m fine, write letters to the address of the sky.
You are in the heart of my heart, inside the heart.
There is nothing stuck without anyone, except for you in the heap of ice, I stuck completely, my ship.
Friends of childhood friends are lost in the same way as the love of women. It takes a lot of time to wonder. It seems that somehow good. They are uninterrupted in the memories of their evergreen hearts, like a pimple in the heart of their delirious body and serene conscience – later that they never return again, they remain as happy as life, if they do not get stuck in the rope, they do not get quotes with images
Mother is the only bank in the world, where we keep all our sorrows, sufferings and in return, without any kind of genuine love.
The tendency of floating is in nature. He fills it with rain, flows through the rain, flows through the snow. Again strong love, through immense pains, sparks its creation.
Excellent girls are in such a place that they can not go near them if they wish. They have to shed their eyes from afar and say in their heart, Ah, they are not happy.
It’s a great deal if daughter friends gather together for a long time. Slowly the age of everyone is reduced. It seems to me that it is always a matter of great happiness.
If love had any kind of fluid water, then that love would have swept the whole world. Even the Himalaya Mountains.
The love is in the Conservative Families. Those family girls can not mix with men, if the chance happens suddenly – then it gets stuck in the berries.
You will come to know that the spring is beautiful in the forest, Bhaban is Sarsa, dear-darsha, Manohar. The forest is ruined, so the cocoon lies in the gut.
The moon has lost its desire to the moonlight and its desire to break the small waves in the body.
If the mark is your lips, then I will give you my lip – 16 million votes.
Sometimes gardening, sometimes horizontal, sometimes in the spring, I have searched for you.
When a person is very dear to someone who dislikes, neglected or hated him, first of all, the man is very upset and wants to be all right. After some time he learned to be without that favorite person. And after a long time, she is much more happy than ever when she realizes that many people come to life with love, but nothing really comes out of her negligence.
It is a good feeling to not be married to people of love. If you are married, people do not have love. And if there is no marriage then maybe there is love or not, only man does not have it. People and love love between these two people may be more loved.
The only way to know a man is to know his dream.
They love happiness, love does not match, happiness goes away, only happiness goes away.
Call me when I’m wrong, I’ll shed my death and I will write you with a festive fire.
The social life of the people, the fondling of life Just touch the eye of the eye and feel the heart with the heart – all of the darkness is mixed and all ..
One day you forget what you want to know, it is difficult to forget what you have.
In love, everyone became a poet.
If you fall in love, the fool becomes intelligent, the intellectual fool becomes.
More love to love than getting love is more fun.
It is the love of some thing that wants to live it.
When you love someone, all the wishes you have saved are coming out.
When love is abhorred, hatred occupies its place.
You do not know anything, or if you do not know – all my songs, still you have the goal! When you are going to die, you are like a leaf leaf, then you are lying on my chest then?
You do not laugh when you hear my words like laughter and laughing at me. Do not come to me like that, when it comes to catching and dust, that does not come to me like that..
The proud lover forgets that the boyfriend can also be proud.
You know how much moon looks like that, because of attending night’s night, so she pulled me.
I do not find you long-how long I too do not look for you; – Under one star – the same light can be in the world we are both; The old path of the earth becomes a decay, love goes away, star also has to die a day …
Called the king’s dulal, – Dulim flowers, like a lip, whose red, reddish apple, whose hair is clouded, and a pinkish color like ankhi dodhuli, I have seen him sleep, dream-how long !
All the doves of the world are calling the Hijal forest; All the grass in the earth is in the grass; All the love of the world in our minds; The sky is spreading in the air sky in peace.

Sad love quotes for him:

Just touch you once, that happiness will cut thousands of lives.
Only once you touch, you will lose all arrogance.
Just touch you once, then history will be.
The hair is his dark nisha, and his skill is in his works; The sailor who has broken the sea at a distance is far away.
When the green grass country saw it in the eyes of the cinnamon-island, as it was seen in darkness; He said, ‘Where were you from now?’ Banalata Sen from Natore raised the eyes of the bird’s nest.
You have not lifted your face, you have sunk into a dense forest of the rain, due to lack of disease and sickness, only you did not lift your face, this dirty defeat.
Accounting is a business, love is not.
Love itself is the way of justice in his case.
Love colorful butterflies fly away like rhythm. But as soon as there was a dismal depression came down.
If gold is not mixed with a little water, the jewelry is not strong. That love does not last long, even if it is not a little respected with love.
Nimai Bhattacharya
There is no joy in loveless work.
I lost love after running fiercely.
The meaning of loveless life It’s hard to take it.
What is the biggest distance in the world? Nah, from life to death, the answer is not right. The biggest distance is when I am in front of you, but you do not know how much I love you.
I loved you innumerable, loved many times, loved one life after another, year after year, always, always.
If you do not understand my lack, then my bonds with you will never be strong.
The eye of love can not be tricked.
Washed money and love can not be kept under any pressure. It will appear exactly.
Love is a red rose.
Love makes beggar king.
The ultimate expression of selfishness is love.
The romance of love is hidden, From the day the love gets recognized, love is also lost.
Like is not love.
If it is gone, then only one point will be seen on the face of Kopol under the water of the Sun. Taj Mahal.
Younger love is like blind goons. Just go one way. By logic, with this intelligence, this gondara can not be handled.
A kind of illusion of girls is born to poor men, and this love is born from the illusion.

Love quotes for him long distance:

Nobody has ever been put to death for hatred of people, but many people have been killed in the past for the crime of love, maybe in the future.
Dear lady, you have a poor girl named Rupa in your form and think that you keep two feet in the chest.
Small separation deepens love and long separation kills love.
People love people when they love If you give up a little, the public may also give life to you.
I have misunderstood some hope. Mukti is not easy to get involved in any loan ..
Who do you want to hide in my life, do not get back.
I do not remember, but remember that when you smile, why do you keep dragging your heart towards the path of the obstacles.
Deep night crooked moon silently in the sky Suddenly in the air Windy night windy moon – Moon in the sky Silly flute in the wind, in the wind, in the air.
I got more than I wanted in my life, I got it.

Cute love quotes for him:

If all the ice from the Himalayan Alps melts one day, even if you go to Saha, one day you go to Niagara Falls,.
If there is no water in the Pacific, and if the Ganges-Volga-Hoohnoho also dry itself, even if Vishuvius-Fujiyama burns in the flames one day,.
If there is one day to destroy the earth, if the third great war binds, then there will be no sunlight. If the Sun and Chaden are the source of green crops in Siberia, then you are still.
This beautiful golden date is tied in the bondage of friends .. The dream of Polash Palash, a friend who is spreading in his heart.
Amalaki is in the cupboard, some bees still know that in a tone filled with friends.
At that time, gentle pressure of that leg. The end of all doubts, the disappearance of all sorrow.
It is not easy to get rid of it, but the eye is not able to overcome it.
If you spread out only to keep love, then you spread around love unaware.
What is the dream that I have gone so that I will go to Kede call goddess dear darling darling ..


Romantic love quotes for him:

The boy who is brave and dazzling, full of tolerance, full of love, love entered without fear; Bipin is middle-aged, despondent; Birh-Shardul grashebara narea, dear-love-happiness and sues he gets.
I am standing in the entire window of the brain, no one is coming. No sunshine, no bird’s necklace. Just north of the hill, the cold chin is touching the cold hand.
Standing alone on the bus stand, nobody is coming. No dream, no sleep, no one You come from the house of Dadharpur?.
The red garment has been found in the eyes of the young bulls, and the world has found 108 Nilapadas! But she did not keep her voice, now she only smells of the flesh she is still a woman!
Whenever you meet again, I will tell you at first opportunity. Stratakat ‘love’ If such a true speech is shaken or the spoken word is stopped in the lips, I will show you love, love, and your idol in the nose. There is no custom deity hanging on the wall, you will see the shadow of the heart tied in the frame of blood, shadow of love in your mouth..
If you want to get rid of anurag in this way, you will get lost, do not wake up, make your coffin with your body.
Stretcht, say ‘love’, when you meet again.
If you want to forget you, I love you more than throwing you away, as much as I want to go away from you, I get mixed with breath.
I’m going to kill him, and I see that I do not get hurt on the left foot nails; Esau! What are you doing Do not sit in the lakshati, removing the rubbish of forgiveness, give me two antiseptic kisses.

Real Love quotes for him:

If you do not mind if you do not give it to your heart, then you should give it to the poisonous poison.
Morning for you, noon for you, evening for you, all the roses and tubercles.
Someday, if one day the love came and said, ‘Come on, go where the eyes go,’ can go?.
I am I would love to say, ‘I am, in my mind and mind, love bees of love.’
When you are in this time of the time, love the way, bring the classical thirst if you fall in red sari.
No receipt is a complete receipt, no receipt gives full satisfaction, fullness and contentment, after gaining thirst and thirst for thirst.
Then he returns, yet returns, someone turns back, and stands in favor of life, whoever eats all the way in love.
Love means, sitting face to face even after the end of the conversation.
I see two of the sky blue and small birds are smaller; the sky is hidden in the face of the sky, the sun is hidden in the bottom of the water, the gold of the Padma is black, after the light of the sun.
They appear in the evening chest – now take the palm song down; The sound of the water will flutter. The eyes of the stupid ones come to sleep – I am awake, if you sing, I will tell many stories, Majhi?
Pausing on the way to walk the path. It seems that love is the only time to sing the same song repeatedly and repeatedly.
I advise you to go to war without going to love you, because you will never live in war, you will die, but you can not live without being able to live.
Big love not only draws near, but also moves away.
From the north, the old lady of Chande, the sari from the south, from the south, will be friend with you.
Yet you can not say – no, no, nowhere, I have no shade today, she is not anywhere – Rainwater spots have been erased one day in the morning sun.
But you do not say – he’s none of you, butterfly, or bird, he’s got a twist on the branches of life. Bose has seen in your branch that he will be another flower, bright more, butterflies fly, he is quite different in different swells.
Some of my words were a bit sad that some of my belongings were to you.
You have a vague dream shadow in your eyes, you move on, go to the address of a remote beach, or see your face, you are in a lonely mirror.


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