Love Sms Messages and Quotes

Here is new assortment of love sms messages for you. Send these charming words love sms messages to your beloved ones and enjoy your feelings. Love is all regarding expressing and sharing. therefore go a head choose a special sms and send it to point out your love. Here all love sms and quotes are collected from our special writer. With these best love sms messges you can give more romance to your lover. If you want to get more love sms message, please try to see our next post. Our next love sms messages will be more romantic and beautiful.

love sms messages

Love Sms Messages:


I may always remember the heat of your hands on my hands. i would like to feel it each day and each night. So please, be mine.

My love lives till sun is rising from east and till earth is rotating around it.

I have never detected a lot of from you. however once I see your smile, i do know whats in your heart. That’s love on behalf of me.

I was thinking however am i able to say 3 words to you. Then I found the way.

“I” feel terribly proud of you.
“Love” is thus lovely.
“You” square measure enough on behalf of me for this life.
Now be part of initial words of the sentences.

love quote for lover

How am i able to make a case for my feelings to you. Its pain, its symptom, its like I will see just one factor, hear one factor and admit one factor. that’s you.

I will never allow you to go. despite what state of affairs we tend to square measure in, i love and care concerning you for ever.

I have a matter for you. Why my heart trembles and my hand shakes whereas you’re around? Why I desire I actually have everything within the world and that i am so lucky?

Every success, all achievements, my destiny, my love, all feelings square measure only for you.

Love quotes:


Whenever i feel about love, i feel about YOU. Whenever I see lovely things, i feel about YOU. Whenever i’m in bother, i feel about YOU. Whenever i’m happy, I feel you with Maine.

Love isn’t acutely aware activity. Its one thing like reflex action. You smile and you cry with none reason.

I don’t expect love, fondness and a spotlight from you, but i would like you to feel however I sympathize with you.

Love isn’t what you expect. it’s not a bed of roses, its not a cup of tea, it’s a path packed with thorns and a lake of fireplace.

Not most are able to express the emotions of love here. So do I. That’s why i’m causing my heart to you, peep in it and see whats in it for you.

There is no reason, no doubt, no answer, no logic why i love YOU.

When I discovered the sensation of love, everything looks lovely and that i fell in love with everything.


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