Love sms quotes text messages for lover

Love sms is the most popular way to tell her your love. Love is essential part of life. We love our family and relatives. All human has love in mind. Without love human can not live. In different relation we get some kinds of love, such as:- Father love his son and daughter, mother love her son and daughter, Son and daughter love their parents. Boys love girls, girls love boys. But this love different people implies in different ways or methods. In this time the popular way to implies love is sms message or quotes. In the europe tell quotes and in the asia tell sms. So here i am going to share some love sms with quotes and images.Love sms

So why you use sms to implie your love ? The best answer is, this is the most popular, coast effective and reliable way. And almost every people s like to read sms. We have posted so many bangla love messages on our site. But here we will post only love sms in english. We always try to give you the best and unique sms. If you read and share our sms, you will be happy surely. No more shouting today. Lets see our best and romantic love sms.

Love sms for girlfriend:

I love you, with a love well that it easily coudn,t keep growing into my heart, but had to lead out and show itself in all it,s size.

may not be rich enough to give u everything but i have a rich heart to give you all the love you need. That is what they call love.

You are the missing one that i have been looking for so long. I am the happiest person now that you completed me.

Love sms for girlfriend

Love is sweetest when you stay with me.

Sometime does the rain fall over the desert ground and soothe it and heal it. But when it does, all of the desert is refreshed completely. You have transformed my life in ways i can not describe. You are the best one in my life.

Lines like this are rarely written, but you my love are an exception. There are tones of gifts that i wish for, but more than anything, i wish for your sweet loving love.

Like the moon in the night sky and the sun by the daylight, you entered my life and transformed everything. You are the best thing that could have happened to me and i fall into you more and more.

Romantic love sms:

You are the point of my happiness, the center of my world and the full of my heart.

There are some people who have found their true love. There are people who still searching. There are some who have given up. And  me ? I found you. I don,t need to find anymore because I will never let you go.

You love has changed the way i feel, You are the only reason I truly need to find the love so clear and sure. I have loved you not like others, my heart is pure.

Romantic love sms

I cool the rises of sun for that all morning it,s a remind me that I have another day to coast with the man of my dreams.

Getting to know someone like you is the one of the milestone in my life. People meet different people but i have been blessed with the love of my life. I love you.

Love is the only aid i have, i will save with love, i will destroy with love.

I went to sleep at previous night with a smirk for that i knew i,d be dreaming of you…. and i woke up this morning with a smile because you were not a dream. I love you baby.

Sweet love sms:

The good love is the type of that wakeful the heart, that makes us go for more, that plants the fire in our soul and brings peace to our minds. That,s what I wish to give you forever.

To love is not anything. To be loved is nothing. But to love and be loved, that,s everything in a relation.

I keept you, and i will hold you over and over and over. Without dime, without a hasitation, in a heartbeat. I will keep loving you.

Christmas is always great if you can give it with the ones you love. Sharing the blessings and giving thanks to each other.

Sweet love sms

I watch at you and look the rest of my life in front of my eyes.

Don,t worry what people will tell about you, as long as you are satisfied with what you have, happy with your life and happy with your love continue it and stay strong.

You dont take any one for that they are perfect and you love them in adversity of the fact that they are not.

Mature love sms:

It,s simple to break a heart that knows nothing… its simple to play with the heart of the person who truly loves. but its difficult to win back the love of someone who has been heart.

He that falls in love with himself will have no opponent.

Having a complicated  relationship is so difficult. Many people will ask to give up and move on. But if the love is true there is not such thing as giving up. Just be sure that the person you love is prepare sacrificing for.

It,s so difficult to in a place where there are huge people willing to love you, But you feel for the person who can,t see you worth.

Mature love sms

Love is like a playing games, if you cheat with it easily ends.

It,s never wrong to fall in love again. You just have to love the wrong person for the first time.

Falling in love you be a baby, rising in love you complete, by and by love becomes not a relationship., it becomes a state of your being. Not that you are in love – now you are love.

If you try to violence someone to love you, its, like you are telling them that it,s ok to hoax you.

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