Make deposit in just one way

Make deposit in just one way and reduce costs at the same time:

It costs a lot while spending money. But at the end of the month, after pocketing the pocket, the forehead presses many others. Apart from this, his savings account remains zero. Before the cost reduction, or if you increase the savings earlier, this idea is used by many people in mind. But you can do both together. Just follow a strategy. Bangla Birthday Sms

This strategy is, if you buy anything unnecessary, add the equivalent amount of money to your Savings Account. For example, after purchasing a movie ticket worth 500 USD, save 500 USD to your Savings account. Very easy, is not it?Deposit money in bdBut this simple technique comes in great work. Because when you buy something unnecessary you will remember, that is not 500 USD, but 1000 USD are going to get away from your pocket. Do you really want to watch this movie with 1000 USD ? Or you want to watch TV at home ? This work is not only your unplanned purchases, but also will help you to increase your savings. As a result, your spending habits will be slightly better.

Build habits:

You can also practice this method. After every unnecessary expenses, transfer the same amount from your bank account to Savings Account. If you are annoyed at doing this work, keep a copy of costs in your computer or phone. Then transfer a large amount of money to Savings Account at the end of the month (or at the beginning). Currently there are many apps available for Money Management on Smartphone. Use them as well.

However, those who use credit cards, If these habits are to be developed, their reverse costs may be more, They do not have to do this. If the cost of your savings is so bad that you can not afford to pay for the savings account (such as home renting, road rent), then this practice will not work for you.

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