Rabindranath tagore poems

Rabindranath tagore poems are really most popular to all poem lover. In this post you will get huge Rabindranath tagore poems in english. But in th other post, you will get Rabindranath tagore poems in bengali. Becasue here our maximum user talk in bengali. So lets see.Rabindranath tagore poems

Rabindranath tagore poems:

Here is the last fulfillment of my life:

Here is the last fulfillment of my life,
Dying, my dying, you talk to me.
I love you all the way
Everyday I’m awake,
You ride on the floor
Sad pain
Dying, my dying, you
Talk about me

That’s what I got
Whatever the expectation of
Do not you know
All love
You will meet with you,
In a happy sight,
Your life will be yours
Constant adherence;
Dying, my dying, you
Talk about me

There is a pyramidal style,
My mind,
When silent smile
Come to the groom.
That day my house is not,
Who or what, somebody or another,
Bijan night with Pati
Matibhata Patibrata
Dying, my dying, you
Talk about me

Which is forever in life:

Which is forever in life
Remained in the veil
What is in the light of dawn
In the publication of the photo,
Last donation of life
The last song of life,
O god, so here it is
On the sky,
What is in the light of dawn
Photo is not released.

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Finish the words
Can not bind,
Song tune with tune
Can not find it.
What is silently silently
Mohan is the youngest
Be the whole eye
There was Dhaka, Sakha, she
In the light of the morning
Photo is not released.

I am a stranger
Returning home country,
Breakthrough in life
SWE surrounds the wire.
All the way to work
In my house
Shayne Swapan
Yet he was alone, he was alone.
In the light of the morning
Photo is not released.

How many people how many days
Wanted it,
They have turned back in vain
Outside the door
No one else will understand
You will know with you
That hope was there
You’re in the sky,
In the light of the morning
Photo is not released.

Between the boundaries, infinite, you:

Between the boundaries, infinite, you
Play your tune.
Your expression in me
So sweet
How many smells of the color,
How many songs are in rhythm,
Arupi lolaya in your form
Hridoypur in place.
I love you
So happy

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If you meet me
All goes open–
Playing the world wave
Then, at the double,
There is no light in your shadow,
She gets me, she kyaa,
He is my tears
Beautiful widow
I love you
So happy

I am the passenger:

I am the passenger
I can not hold anyone to keep me.
All the obstacles in sadness are fulfilled,
Tagged in-house where the back,
The bottom of the subject is to me,
Spread it and spread out.

I am the passenger
On the way, the song is full of songs Gahi.
The gates will open all the gates,
Will be cut off,
I will not be able to overcome
The people are roaming in the crowd.

I am the passenger
Whatever the load will move in the morning.
Akash calls me to distant distance
In the singing of languages ​​without language,
Morning-snack tones
Whose flute is such a deep voice

I am the passenger
I do not know what happens in the morning.
Then there was no singing of any bird,
What is the rest of the night,
Nimsehaha is just an eye
Wake up in darkness’ after

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I am the passenger
In which house will I arrive?
Where there is a lighted lamp,
In the scent of the sun,
Who is gorgeous in the light of the two neonate
Anandalal Chah me

This rainy river crosses:

This rosary of the river,
Ne ray, and mind, nay ray apan
Tony in life.
The green blue gold matches
If that spreads out,
If you wake up in the sky
The deep sayings–
Ne ray, and mind, nay ray apan
Tony in life.

So on the way to walk
Bhabab’s crayon
On both sides of the flowers are all flowers
Pick up the niss ray.
They are in your senses
Tulis day-night,
Every day as long as possible
Fortune money
Ne ray, and mind, nay ray apan
Tony in life.

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