Romantic love proposal

You have been in love for a long time, but I haven’t said it yet. You can’t save courage in anything. How do you say love to him? The constant fear of losing him. ‘Love’ sounds easy to hear, but it’s actually a word that can’t be said if you want to. For the first time, inertia, shyness, fear of hearing ‘no’ grips the mind. So what if you sit quietly! I have to inform. But how? The expression of love should be beautiful, memorable and romantic, because for the rest of your life you may remember this memory countless times. Here’s how to put one together for use with your romance.

1 / Letter: Many people think that letter is useless in modern age. But it is still difficult to find a better way to say the word love. Write the word of the mind in a yellow letter in a beautiful blue envelope. Don’t just write ‘I love you’ but also write a couple of lines of romantic poems. Putting a few rose petals inside the envelope is not bad. How to propose a boy

2 / Kneeling: A popular way to propose to the man of the mind is to raise one hand while kneeling. Some romantic words, sweet memories or lines of poetry can be said while sitting like this. It is better to have a rose in hand! In the West, marriage is usually proposed in this way. But it is equally effective in offering love.

3 / place selection: You can choose a secluded place to talk about love. Or you can go to any place of your choice. You can also take him to the place where you first met him. Once you understand his mood, say ‘love’.

4 / Gift: Do you know the favorite man’s favorite list? You can give any of his favorite things beautifully wrapped in wrapping paper as a gift. Be sure to include a ‘Love’ note inside!

5 / FM radio: If the person you love is a regular listener of a radio show, you can take help of that noise. You can express your thoughts beautifully, dedicate a romantic song.

7 / Surprise Party: You can organize a surprise party at home or in a good restaurant. Decorate the place beautifully, put some beautiful pictures of your favorite person on the wall. You can write the word of the mind on the wall or on the cake. If there is an arrangement of the song, you can understand the opportunity and express the word of the mind.

6 / CD or cassette: Record the word of love on CD or cassette and send it to your loved one. The words must be poetic, the pronunciation clear, the presentation must be interesting. In this case, it is better to be careful, but if the pronunciation is wrong, it may seem ridiculous!

6 / Photo Sketch: You can draw a picture with a good painter, where one is kneeling and proposing to the other with a rose in hand. With ‘Love’ written in the middle of the speaking bubble. Give it to the man you love. It will be a little different, so no!

9 / Treasure Hunt: Find the hidden treasure, have you ever played the game? Different clues or clues were given in different places around the house, according to which one has to find the clues one after the other and at the end of the day there is a treasure. You can hunt for a treasure where there will be a letter or gift with love information as a hidden treasure at the end of it all.

10 / Candles: At least two houses are required for this work. Turn off the lights as soon as you enter the house with your loved one. Take a detour through the already lit candle in the middle of the room. Write ‘Bhalobasi’ with colored candles at the end of the path.

11 / Video Clips: Make a beautiful video with the words of the mind. In the video, you can tell about the first meeting with him, feeling good at first, how to fall in love, etc. You can show her some beautiful moments with him. Finally say ‘love’. You can upload the video to Facebook or YouTube. But the presentation must be beautiful.

Some tips:

> Maintain personality: You can’t do anything outside of your personality. Behave in a personal way without imitating anyone. Do not try to be unnecessarily serious when proposing. Avoid excessive drama. Wear tasteful clothes.

> Caution in place selection: A secluded place is suitable for proposing. However, one should not choose a place where the partner may feel uncomfortable. In this case, his choice must be given importance.

> Feelings of the partner: Before proposing, he must try to understand what he thinks of you, how he feels about you. If you propose to someone in a hurry, there is little chance of profit.

> Guest selection: If you need the presence of people when proposing, it would not be right to invite someone whom your partner is unhappy with or whom he or she does not like. If so, but the opposite may happen.

> Not taking too much time: It is not right to take too much time to speak your mind. When you start proposing, finish it properly. But there is no need to hurry.

> The right gift: If you want to give some gifts, you must give importance to the likes and dislikes of the person you love. She may like to read novels, but you gave her a book of poems. But then the problem!

> Don’t exaggerate: Even if the incident of proposing is shocking, it should not go to the stage of exaggeration in any way. Even if he says no, show him respect. Explain to him, whether he loves you or not, you will love him. It cannot be said, it can change the mind. When love can happen!

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