Romantic Love SMS

Romantic Love SMS : The romance is the loveliest feeling that can’t be expressed in words. It can be felt and to feel the true feelings you need the correct sort of words. Romantic SMS depends on feelings of love, care, and energy. There are different Romantic SMS messages showed here. Devote peaceful SMS messages to your love to express your emotions and feelings.

Romantic Love SMS :

I will bring all the of the sky
To illuminate you.
I will make the world’s largest flower garden
This spread you the scent
I will bring all the poets of this world
To write poems about you

Sometimes I feel like you are all mine.
If do not see you, I feel so hurt.
I dream so many by thinking of you day to night.
Life without you is impossible for me to live or imagine.

Humans are for humans
Birds are for sky
Green is for nature
Mountains are for fountains
Love is for everyone
And the last thing, you are just mine.

Why do not you come to my dream?
I love you why do not you understand?
Why do not you say I love you?
Say it once and then I will bring for
you the happiness from heaven.

Some nights are for dreaming
Some memories are painful
Some times are emotional
Some words in the heart
Some people are for the heart
And some love is forever.

May be pure love is physical or divine.
But true love is something eternal or more peaceful.

Despite all this pain, I did not misunderstand you.
By staying far away, I did not forget you.
Waking up in the night, I am living with a dream.
Do you know why?
Because I love you so much.

If you think I am not happy then please
come back to my life again.
And I promise that I will love you more than before.

Romantic Status :

Flowers need sunlight
Dawn needs dew
And I need you because
I love you.

I do not know who is waiting for this stupid heart,
I do not know whose place it will be,
Just know whoever will come in my life,
I will love him/her all my life.

There is no end to wanting in human life
There is no end of dreaming
No end of loneliness
You are my want
You are my need
You are my only dream
My life without you is nothing dear love.

He whose anger is high is very quiet know to love.
He who knows to love silently,
Then his love is so deep.
And whose love is greater,
His suffering is bigger.

If you say how many time do I remember you, I would say that as many times as the eyelids move.
If you ask me how much I love you,
I would say as many stars are in the sky.

I spread my hands for you to take your love.
Give me how much love, you can give me.
In return, I will give you my heart.
This will never take it back.

Whatever the night may be, there must be silence.
Whatever the moon is, the light must spread.
As long as is the sun is under the cloud,
The light must come on the earth.
And do not hide,
As much love will drag you to me.

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