Romantic premer golpo

This is very romantic premer golpo bangla “Odekha sei tumi“. This story is written in bengali language. If you like romantic , then you will like this story. We have posted this story on our other site. So if you want to read the full story in bangla font, then you have to go to our other site. Below picture we have given the direct link of this story. Just click on this link below and read the full story in bengali font.

Romantic premer golpo

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Odekha sei tumi story summary:

Nilu heard all of the two people..Then
Today said at Perth the proposal at home
Send me to work .. Nilu will take care of ..
What did the brother say and do?
Forget who can not find ..
Marry the favorite girl ..

Romantic premer golpo

Hmm Nilu..I think so .. the spring in the spring
Coming like a wind came like a shower in Baishakhi
He went away..and he can not be found
What will I say to my mother .. and Perth you
Today, but the offer is printed.

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I am sitting on the way home thinking .. Then
At one point, the mother was close to.
– What ray babu something ..?
– Yes, I’m your choice
The girl agreed to marry ..
– Let’s go
Finally, the wise is..the girl will not see.
– Nah .. you saw it
Will be you girl
Talk to me
You must report it.
– Way Mother Room

Straight out of Perth’s house
Came ..
– How did the path tell me..I also
I have sent them..they agreed
Managed .. Now your wedding day
That’s right ..
– How about Perth?
What are you doing?
I’m losing ..

Romantic premer golpo

Hey, do not get upset
It was so. If you go to shopping, mind is good
will be..
Let’s do it
You need to do it. It’s okay to marry
Have a phone call me
Get out

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