How to save time from using smartphone

How to save time from using smartphone

Smartphones are our constant companion. Without it we can’t go on for a moment now. Smartphones in the hands of everyone big and small. It has made our life as easy as it has been difficult. Having a phone in hand all day also causes loss of necessary work. Time is wast in various ways.
We can do many urgent tasks through smartphones. But if you use too much, the damage is more. So Let’s take a look at the things that should do to reduce the use of smartphones to save time.

Turn off notifications :

Notifications are the focus of our attention on smartphones. There is no end to our excitement about who liked the post, who commented and how many shared. Notifications can turn off to protect yourself from this. It will not waste time. Keep yourself busy.
Excessive use of our smartphones is a waste of time. You should use your smartphone for most 45 minutes a day to save time. Keeping yourself busy can be helpful in creating this habit. It will be possible to save time by keeping yourself busy with office work or studies.

Do not receive spam calls :

Spam calls often come on the phone. Many peoples receive these calls. Spam calls on smartphones should not receive at all. This is a huge waste of time.

Remove unnecessary apps :

Almost everyone has more than one unnecessary app on their smartphone. Because of these apps, we are most attracted to our smartphones. Remove these apps to save time. Give less time to smartphone without any need.

Do not take smartphone while sleeping :

Many people take their smartphones with them when they go to sleep at night. Smartphone radiation can cause problems ranging from late sleep to insomnia. So say goodbye to your smartphone while sleeping. Set alarms on the clock if necessary. Which will wake you up at morning.
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