Xiaomi Poco M3 Pro Price in Bangladesh

Xiaomi Poco M3 Pro Price in Bangladesh. Xiaomi Poco M3 Pro is very nice smartphone in this time. Here i have shared some informations about this smartphone. This smartphone is my best choice also. So lets see the price on this mobile phone.Xiaomi Poco M3 Pro

Xiaomi Poco M3 Pro Price in Bangladesh :

Now a days xiaomi phone is the best choice of young generations in bangladesh. The price of Xiaomi Poco M3 Pro is about 20,000 taka in bangladesh. This price is not fixed. It up and down in many times for market stock. Now i am going to share the specifications of this mobile.

RAM: The RAM of this mobile is 4GB or 6GB. 4GB Ram is good for any smartphone. But if you want to use hang free, you can get the 6GB Ram mobile version. 6GB is more powerful than 4GB. So you can use both version of this mobiles Ram.

Processor: The processor of this mobile is Octa-core. That means eight core in this mobile. Eight cores processor is very lite for use in any conditions. So you can say the processor is very strong and powerful.

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Internal storage: Internal storage or Rom of this mobile is 64GB and 128GB. You will get in this two versions of this latest version of this mobile. 64GB Internal Storage is enough for this mobile. To get good speed you can get the 128GB Rom.

Battery: The battery power of this mobile is 5000 mAh Li-ion. If you use this mobile for whole day, this capacity of this mobile is enough. 5000 mAh capacity mobile is not bad at all for long time talktime.

Camera: In this mobile, there are 4 camera in font and back side. In the back side there are 3 camera and other camera on the font side for selfie. The main camera from these three camera is 48 Megapixel. And other two is 2 megapixel. The font camera or selfie camera of this mobile has 8 megapixel.

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