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Bangla funny poem kobita:

Bangla funny poem kobita

Ami eit, tumi khoa,
ami khoi, tumi moa,
ami ful, tumi kata,
ami gom, tumi ata,
ami nouka, tumi briz,
ami mach, tumi freezz,
ami rat, tumi vor,
ami valo, tumi chor,
ami brikkho, tumi fol,
ami nodi, tumi jol,
ami megh, tumi bristi,
ami chokkhu, tumi dristi,
ami gulmo, tumi toru,
ami chotur , tumi viru,
ami bodhir, tumi boba.
ami sagor, tumi doba,
ami khata, tumi kolom,
ami tablet, tumi molom.
ami kanna, tumi hasi,
ami tatka, tumi bashi,
ami bishonno, tumi hotasha,
ami kodma, tumi batasha,
ami hat, tumi pao,
ami nogod, tumi fao,

Bengali funny poem

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