Shesher kobita

Shesher kobita is the best bangla novel written by Rabindranath Tagore. Click here to download  this novel as pdf file. This novel is most popular novel in bangladesh and also worldwide. This is a novel but this name is poem which tell kobita in bangla language. Many people feel doubt about this book. Some people think this is a poem and some people know that, this is bengali a novel book. So you do not read before, than you can read from here. Just download this novel in pdf file. And save to your computer and when you wish you can read this novel from your computer.shesher kobita bangla novel

About shesher kobita:

The novel describes the romantic tale of Amit Ray , a lawyer instructed at Oxford, whose harmful intellectualism uncovers itself in its resistance to all types of convention. He meets Labannya in a fender bender and the sentiment develops in the foggy slopes of Shillong. Despite the fact that the novel is principally set in Shillong, it was composed when Rabindranath was in Bangalore. Amit’s iconoclastism meets Labannya’s true effortlessness through a progression of discoursed and ballads that they compose for each other.

Soon after this gathering, while at the same time composing this novel, Tagore has Amit railing against a much venerated writer, whose name ends up being Rabi Thakur – Rabi is a typical short type of Rabindranath, and Thakur is the first Bengali for Tagore. Amit comments: Poets should live for at most five years. Our severest grievance against Rabi Thakur is that like Wordsworth, he is illegally remaining alive. These comments stirred much merriment among the perusing open, yet the novel is additionally a genuine endeavor at exhibiting his adaptability, at age 67.

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