How to start chatting with a stranger girl

If you use Facebook, chatting is not unknown to you. In the past, love was exchanged under a bamboo bush. And now love has taken place online beyond mobile phones. So on Facebook you can find the partner you like. If the purpose of your chatting is dishonest, then these tips are not for you. And if you really like someone, here are ten tips for you.

1. Select first: Select the person you want to start chatting with first. Before getting elected, remember that most of the female IDs in our uncivilized country are owned by men! That means they are fake IDs. So do not select the profile without thorough verification. Choose by considering the full details of his profile, pictures, mutual friends, etc. If your desired woman is known, it is even better. Then send him a friend request. If you don’t accept, inbox to the effect that you want to be a friend according to his mentality.

2. Start chatting: Start chatting after being added to the friend list. First say ‘hello’ to him. Want to know about his profession, interests, likes and dislikes. Write nicely “Can we share our mutual likes and dislikes?”. Then let us know your preferences. Present yourself to him beautifully through this. Be careful not to lie.

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3. Continue talking: Don’t stop chatting. Again, do not always bother to knock him. Create a specific time for chatting. Don’t knock him before or after. Want to know at the beginning of each day, “How are you?” Tell him about any significant events that happened in your life that day. If the girl is aware of politics and society, discuss those issues as well. But before you say your time, find out his opinion.

4. Express interest in her: Don’t talk to her if she doesn’t want to know. Give her a beautiful, smart and eye-catching profile picture. Girls do not like more forceful pictures. And of course express interest in him. You can ask her favorite books, favorite actors-actresses, favorite movies, songs, favorite authors etc. Then start talking about what you know about these topics. Want to know if he wants to watch a special movie or listen to music. Then go online and send the link.

5. Don’t show yourself: Don’t talk too much about yourself. Don’t exaggerate your own story as well. Nobody likes it. Not the girls. Rather want to know his words. Prove that you are a cold-brained person and have the patience to listen to him.

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6. Avoid bad language: Do not be rude to him. Don’t use bad words, language, abuse today. Don’t go for sex at the beginning of chatting. The girls of our country do not like these. If a topic of sexuality comes up in the conversation, speak very carefully using polite language. This will increase his attraction towards you. Do not use any provocative emoticons.

7. Praise: Praise everyone likes. Girls do a little too much. They are happy when they appreciate the looks of the girls. But if you praise too much, the girls will catch you saying that you are oiling. So be very moderate and do exactly what should be appreciated. Appreciate not only the appearance but also the quality. Find out what works best for her and encourage her.

8. Check out the friendship: Don’t rush to meet him outside. Do not rush to send nude or sexually explicit images. Or don’t want to know his phone number. The rush to build a relationship is very incompetent. Keep talking about different things. Discuss the socio-political-cultural environment of the country. Discuss any special events of the day. Then when he starts knocking you, you will understand that the friendship has developed between the two of them.

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9. Offer to meet: I assume you have been friends for a long time. The two have become very good friends. Chatting every day. So offer to meet him now. Again, if you want to do something wrong, do not read this post. If he agrees, he wants to know the place of his choice. You must appear with flowers on a certain day before the appointed time. She actually puts flowers in her hand. Do not offer love on the first day. However, the relationship may end. . He can eat any food of his choice.

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